KING5 poll: Hypothetical matchups for governor including McKenna vs. Inslee, who’s ahead?

It’s early. Very early. But a new KING 5 poll shows Republicans at this point in time, may have a slight edge on the Governor’s race for 2012.

Gov. Christine Gregoire has yet to announce whether she’s running for a third term. Democratic Congressman Jay Inslee says he’s interested if Gregoire doesn’t run.

Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna is laying the groundwork for a campaign. Last week, Republican Congressman Dave Reichert told us, he’s keeping his options open—including a run for Governor.

So how would these hypothetical match-ups look, if the election were held today? With the help of SurveyUSA, we polled 610 registered voters.

If it’s McKenna vs. Gregoire:

McKenna 52%

Gregoire 40%

Undecided 7%

If it’s McKenna vs. Inslee:

McKenna 48%

Inslee 41%

Undecided 11%

If it’s Reichert vs. Gregoire:

Reichert 48%

Gregoire 44%

Undecided 8%

If it’s Reichert vs. Inslee:

Reichert 46%

Inslee 44%

Undecided 10%

Note, McKenna is getting a significant advantage (30 points) among independents, and holds 93% of Republicans in a race against Gregoire.

Margin is +/- 4%.

Of course, more candidates will likely jump in. A lot will hinge on Gov. Gregoire’s decision on a third term.

Video above is our interview with Reichert and Inslee from this weekend’s Up Front.