A congenial end to a nasty race; Ferguson will have to buy his own rug

After battling on-air over Persian rugs and cop-killers, King County colleagues Bob Ferguson and Reagan Dunn appear to have remained congenial on a personal level—one small reassurance in an otherwise nasty campaign season.

Ferguson and Dunn started the year by saying they liked each other, and even through some testy debates, they remained on decent speaking terms.  Today, Dunn issued a gracious concession:

"I believe firmly that there is a time for campaigning and a time for governing.  Our nation and our country have many pressing problems that demand we all reach for solutions, and I intend to lead in that effort here in King County.  I believe Washington will be well-served by its next Attorney General.  I will miss Bob’s service on the King County Council and look forward to working with him as he heads to Olympia."

One footnote:  Ferguson may be the next Attorney General, but he will lose out on a Persian rug.  Dunn had offered, if he were to win the AG’s race, to leave his office rug (Ferguson’s ad: “He wasted taxpayer money on a Persian rug!”) with Ferguson, because it is, after all county property.