Pflug slams Rossi, Republicans for “trying to play Godfather”

Update:  Washington State Republican Party chair Kirby Wilbur has fired off a response to Pflug’s statements.  “The process that appointed Dino Rossi to Cheryl Pflug’s old seat was open and honest, the exact same way it was when Cheryl was appointed to her Senate seat in 2003,” Wilbur writes.  “For her to criticize this transparent appointment process, given how sneaky and deceitful it was for her to make a backroom deal for a cushier position as a bureaucrat, makes her a hypocrite.”

Wilbur concludes, “Cheryl should keep her irrelevant thoughts to herself - no one cares.”


Original post:

In the already rocky relationship between Cheryl Pflug and the Republican party, the former state senator is dumping more gas on the fire, slamming her own party again today.

Pflug criticized the appointment of Dino Rossi to fill out the remainder of her term.  Rossi, a former state senator and former gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidate, would likely see no floor action before the end of the year, but would handle constituent services in the district.

"Dino isn’t there because he’s always been fond of constituent work," Pflug tells KING 5.

While Rossi would finish Pflug’s term through the end of the year, he would not be a candidate in the November election as voters in the east side district would elect a replacement.

In another move sure to aggravate her party, Pflug announced she’s endorsing the Democrat Mark Mullet to fill her seat in the November election.   In an e-mail, Pflug criticizes tactics of Republicans in pushing Rossi and backing Republican Brad Toft to fill the seat starting next year.   “I think they and Rossi shame themselves by trying to play Godfather,” Pflug writes.

Pflug resigned her senate seat when Governor Christine Gregoire gave her a six-year appointment to the Growth Management Hearings Board.  When Pflug accepted the job, she withdrew her name from the ballot, but it was too late for other Republicans besides Toft to jump in file for her senate seat.  That led State Republican Party chair Kirby Wilbur to exclaim on Up Front, “we’ve been Pfluged.”